Katt Williams Sued For Crappy Show

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Comedian Katt Williams is finding himself on the wrong side of the law quite a bit lately, and the latest news is that his recent performance in Oakland, California, was so bad the audience is taking him to court.

Williams' odd behavior began back in October, when police were called to his house over a violent dispute with his female assistant, Melissa Ishage. Ishage claims Williams flew into a rage and began punching her, causing her injury. She is currently engaged in a lawsuit with him for $5 million; Williams was reportedly not arrested at the time.

He was, however, arrested for smashing a bottle over someone's head at a club earlier this month; it was his second arrest in as many months.

Then came the weird performance. The show--on November 16th--lasted just ten minutes before Williams jumped off the stage, got into an argument with an audience member, and began taking his clothes off before attempting to engage in a fight with several others. Those in attendance have filed a class-action lawsuit against him and are seeking an unspecified amount in damages, citing a "non performance".

Williams has declined to comment on the incident or on the arrests.

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