Katniss Everdeen is One Bad Chick


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Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence is the heroine of The Hunger Games book series and movies. The film will be released in theaters this Friday. The starlet went through considerable training to prepare her for taking on the role of a huntress, marathon runner, and ultimate warrior.

Ms. Everdeen would make Beatrix from Kill Bill proud as she shows off her badass skills: She is a master of the bow and arrow, she knows how to win over audiences through politicking, she puts her survival first and will kill anyone that threatens her well-being, she supports her family and brings home the bacon, and she is not afraid to get emotional in the process.

Jennifer Lawrence told MTV that she has been on intense training schedules to prepare her for her role. She had a running coach, received stunt training so she could do vaults and wall climbs, and went through several weeks of archery classes. Lawrence exclaimed that her intense training "was rough but fun." The young actress only has a few more months befor she begins training for the second installment in June.

Bonnie Fuller writes for The Blog and feels Everdeen's empowered essence comes at a time when "Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum wants to put women back in the kitchen and off contraceptives." Heck, even Mitt Romney wants to deny women access to free birth control. Thankfully Everdeen shows women that they don't have to be barefoot and pregnant-- they can be great athletes instead.

Lawrence said that she read The Hunger Games in a few days and is drawn to her character's strength. She explained that Everdeen is a girl who has the world placed on her shoulders and starts a revolution.