Katie Holmes Wearing Engagement Ring? From Jamie Foxx? [Pics]

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Katie Holmes has been spotted with a ring on her finger. On that finger.

After the drama surrounding Katie Holmes "escape" from her marriage to Tom Cruise, so many people want to see Katie Holmes happy and with someone she feels comfortable around. Could she have found that someone?

And could that be Jamie Foxx?

That rumor has been going around for years. Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes met when Foxx and Tom Cruise worked together on the film Collateral.

Asked about Katie Holmes, Jamie Foxx told TMZ, "Oh come on you guys have been trying to make that stick for three years, we're just friends. They have been trying to do that for three years - just stories I guess. You just have to respect - that's just part of our lives."

But other "insiders" keep saying otherwise.

"Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with," one source said. "She's getting everything from Jamie that she didn't get with Tom."

But another insider contradicted the first one.

"This is not some intense romance," this one said. "Jamie and Katie are friends and have been for a long time. They are two adults who are attractive and single, and so apparently conclusions will be drawn." Adding: "But contrary to those conclusions, they're not about to run off and make some serious commitment."

But then there was the time an "eyewitness" heard Katie Holmes call Jamie Foxx as soon as her plane landed at the airport. This person says he heard Katie Holmes tell Jamie Foxx she loved him.

Asked again by Dish Nation about Holmes in April, Foxx said, "She's just a friend of mine. No, we're not dating."

So, what about this ring on Katie's finger? This woman is a celebrity. She knows you do not wear a ring on that finger out in public unless you are ready for talk to start.

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