Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise: She's Angry He Isn't Part of Suri Cruise's Life

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Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise aren't on good terms. In fact, it's reported that the two don't speak at all--not even on matters regarding their daughter, Suri Cruise. What's with that?

TMZ reports that Katie Holmes and the Mission Impossible 5 star handle all means of co-parenting through intermediaries. Tom Cruise hasn't even seen Suri in months, because he's been in London shooting his latest film.

Katie Holmes has, of course, been front and center in the media of late, with some outlets reporting she's involved in a relationship with actor Jamie Foxx. Tom Cruise reportedly doesn't like Katie dating, as he fears the wrong man might be a bad influence on Suri. Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology. Do you suppose he has hopes of pairing Suri Cruise with a fellow Scientologist when she's older? Katie Holmes would likely lay down her life before she'd allow her daughter to go that route.

Rumors of a relationship between Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have run rampant for quite some time now, and it's really none of Tom Cruise's business who his ex-wife dates. Surely she wouldn't do anything to put Suri in harm's way.

Tom Cruise is supposed to return to L.A. very soon, and will reportedly spend some time with Suri Cruise then. Do you think little Suri will get the third degree from her famous dad about whether or not her mom is seeing Jamie Foxx?

The saddest part of the lack of communication between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise is that it likely impacts their daughter. Children sense far more than most adults give them credit for, and this could one day come to an explosive climax. Do you foresee Suri staying with Katie Holmes throughout her young adult years or will she opt to spend some time with Tom Cruise once she's old enough to have a say?

Kimberly Ripley
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