Katie Holmes Talks Her Topless Glamour Shoot


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Katie Holmes revealed that she has no issues with going topless for photo shoots. And that is exactly what she did on this month's cover of Glamour magazine.

While most were shocked to see Holmes without her top on, surprisingly this wasn't her first time baring skin; she actually showed her breasts in The Gift in 2000.

"I have done it before when I was young, the right time to do it," Holmes said over the weekend while she was promoting her new movie The Giver at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills. "But if the part called for it, sure, I'd do it again. I think people need to embrace themselves, their creativity and their bodies."

On the cover of Glamour, Holmes is seen wearing nothing but a pair of blue jeans, and has her arms strategically placed to cover her breasts. Holmes explained the inspiration for the shoot was mainly Lauren Hutton and photos from the 70s. "The inspiration was a lot of Lauren Hutton and the great photos from the '70s—jeans and Americana," Holmes told E! News. "It felt right. It wasn't about sexy. It was about being a woman. Sometimes we're topless," Holmes added with a smile.

In addition to her work on The Giver, Holmes is also working on a film with Ryan Reynolds called Woman In Gold . Holmes even admitted that she would be open to a possible return to television. "TV right now is a great place to tell stories," Holmes, who made her way to fame playing Joey on Dawson's Creek, said. "There are so many opportunities to tell any kind of story. You can now stream so much online that it's become a great medium for communicating to the masses."

The Giver is scheduled to premiere in theaters on August 15.

Image via Wikimedia Commons