Katie Holmes Rumors Cause Problems Between Jamie Foxx and Real Girlfriend

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx rumors have circulated for quite some time now. Starting back in 2013 and resurfacing again just last month, Foxx says they've caused problems in his relationship with his real girlfriend.

"No, we're not dating," Foxx said during a recent interview of Tom Cruise's ex-wife and mom of little Suri Cruise. “I’m not the person who wants to be defined by anybody I date. So, even if I was dating someone, no one would know anyway. But it affects my situation because I got a girl who’s like, ‘Yo, who’s this [expletive]?'”

When Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx got together in March to work on an animated series, he found himself having to defend himself to his girlfriend once again.

“The second time [the rumors] happened … we get together to do an animation thing and then somebody flips a picture to make it seem like we’re holding hands. I said, ‘If it was a real relationship, why didn’t they just get that? Why didn’t they get us kissing?'” he said.

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes are actually very good friends. Hopefully these rumors don't hurt their friendship.

"She’s a good friend of mine…Katie Holmes and I had seen each other in the Hamptons, we did this charity thing and she comes on stage and dances with me, along with other people, and for some reason this story takes off…,” he said.

It certainly sounds like Jamie Foxx is beyond tired of these rumors. What once might have seemed trivial is now causing problems with the woman he really is dating.

Hopefully she will come to understand that there's nothing more than friendship and respect for one another's acting abilities between Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes. She must know that when you date a celebrity, there is always the risk of these kinds of rumors.

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