Katie Holmes Out On The Town, Sans Wedding Ring

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Katie Holmes isn't wasting any time in getting back to some sort of normalcy; she was spotted on Monday afternoon at the Parsons New School For Design in New York--where she taped a guest spot for "Project Runway"--looking fresh and chic...and less some jewelry.

Of course, no one expects a woman going through a divorce to keep her wedding band on, but as news of the dissolution of her marriage to Tom Cruise just broke on Friday, fans are a bit shocked to see such an act of finality.

Since the divorce story began spreading on Friday, Holmes and her 6-year old daughter with Cruise, Suri, have been the subject of endless fascination for media and the public; everyone wants to know where they'll live (an apartment close to Suri's gymnastics class), how much dough Katie will get in the settlement (not much; prenup), and whether or not Cruise has employed Scientology goons to follow her every move (no, although TMZ is reporting otherwise). Now that she's moving on with her life, people will no doubt want to know about her every move...especially when she becomes a single woman again.

Personally, I've always liked Katie Holmes; Tom Cruise, not so much, for various reasons. But I think one of the main reasons everyone is so fascinated with this story is that it was SO public, from the very beginning. From the moment Tom jumped up on Oprah's couch and started hooting and hollering like a madman, we were involved. Immediately, Americans began taking sides, much like friends will do when a girl starts dating a guy in high school: you either thought his outrageous PDAs were adorable, or you wanted to sneak Katie a note in study hall warning her away from him. We've been a part of this since it started, TomKat! We deserve to be informed!

And speaking of Oprah...will she be getting an exclusive post-relationship interview with one of them? Only time will tell, but it would certainly appease some fans to see the entire story come full circle.

Amanda Crum
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