Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx Are NOT Dating; Foxx Laughs Off Rumors

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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are NOT dating, people.

On Friday, Jamie Foxx, 47, laughed off those persistent rumors that he is dating 36-year-old Katie Holmes.

While speaking to paparazzi in Los Angeles, Jamie Foxx shut down rumors that have been circulating over several years that the two are having a secret romance..

A cameraman tried to nonchalantly ask Jamie Foxx how things were going with Katie Holmes, and Foxx finally set the record straight.

“Oh, come on, you guys have been trying to make that stick for three years,” said Jamie Foxx.

When asked whether there’s any truth to the speculation, Foxx replied, “No. We’re just friends.”

Jamie Foxx did reveal that he and Katie Holmes are collaborating on an animation project from Anthony Zuiker.

After having it up to here, Jamie Foxx addressed the question and admitted that he was getting pretty tired of hearing the rumors. However, he said he understands that it's what comes from being a celebrity.

It's “part of our lives [as celebrities]. Part of the business,” said Foxx.

Gossip Cop has reported that a picture that has been the source of the most recent rumors surrounding Katie Holmes and Foxx — of the two“holding hands” — was actually taken at a read-through for the movie, and was snapped with people in the room.

“They’ve been trying to [start romance rumors] for three years, man,” Foxx told the paparazzo with a resigned shrug.

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