Katie Couric And Larry King Almost Got It On

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Katie Couric recently admitted to Jimmy Kimmel that she did indeed go on a date with talk show host and known immortal, Larry King, and that he totally made a move.

Couric revealed the story after Kimmel challenged King's version, saying the entire date was like a "bad Lifetime movie". After hitting up an Italian restaurant where the waiter insisted on seating them side-by-side--presumably so they could slurp up a single strand of spaghetti like Lady and the Tramp--he took her back to his place with lovin' on his mind.

“We had a nice enough time and we’re going home, and I see that we’re going over Memorial Bridge, and this is not the way to my apartment. I said, ‘Larry, where are we going?’ And he said, ‘My place.’ Oh mother of god," she said.

Couric added that his apartment was full of his awards, achievements, and keys to the city. "That was sexy," she said, and I'm guessing that's meant to be sarcastic.

“So we sat there, and what can I say? He lunged [...] And I started laughing a little bit because the whole situation was out of a bad Lifetime movie. I said, ‘Larry, you’re such an interesting, nice man, but I would like to meet someone a little closer to my age,'" she said.

If you're wondering what prompted her to go on a date with Larry King when she was a tender 30-year old, she says it's because she was up for any date that could be a "learning experience". We hope it was worth it, Katie.

Note: the Larry King story is included in the third video.

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