Kathy Lee Gifford Promotes Wine, Makes Friends

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Kathy Lee Gifford was in the Northeast over the weekend to promote her line of wines called Gifft.

The popular co-host of the fourth hour of NBC’s The Today Show was in Nashua, New Hampshire at a liquor store signing bottles of wine and making friends with fellow wine lovers.

Kathy Lee Gifford was also doling out samples of Red Blend and Chardonnay for customers to try.

Gifford is having a great time with her new business venture, which she started with Scheid Family Wines, of Monterey, California.

“This is a fun business,” Kathy Lee Gifford told the New Hampshire Union Leader.

“I am in it for the long run. I love the wine business,” she added.

There were also plenty of locals taking advantage of the opportunity to snap photos with the Kathy Lee Gifford.

She insists that this is wine that anyone can enjoy.

“I think people are surprised. People think it is another celebrity wine, but it is anything but,” said Kathy Lee Gifford. She said her affordable wines at an average of $14 a bottle are just as great as similar wines that cost about $60 each.

So, why is Kathy Lee Gifford so far from home?

“New Hampshire is widely known as a premier shopping destination for wine enthusiasts thanks to our commitment to delivering the latest brands at unbeatable prices at our 77 NH Liquor & Wine Outlets,” NHLC Chairman Joseph W. Mollica said.

“We are also fortunate that unlike anywhere else in the country, some of the biggest names in the wine world flock to New Hampshire to interact directly with our consumers. We are delighted that Kathie Lee Gifford will share her love for wine and newest creation with our customers,” he added.

Congrats and good luck to Kathy Lee Gifford on her new wine venture!

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