Kathy Griffin to Revamp 'Fashion Police' Following Kelly Osbourne's Depature? How?

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Kathy Griffin reportedly has plans to 'revamp' Fashion Police in the wake of Kelly Osbourne's sudden departure last Friday. Griffin was named as the show's replacement for Joan Rivers, who passed away this past September.

Kelly Osbourne resigned from Fashion Police following an inappropriate comment co-star Giuliana Rancic made about Disney star Zendaya on the red carpet at the Oscars. Zendaya sported dreadlocks, and Rancic said they smelled like 'patchouli or weed.'

RadarOnline reports that had Kelly Osbourne not resigned, she would have been fired. The show's producers seemed far more upset over the attention Osbourne drew to Giuliana Rancic's comment via social media than they were about the actual distasteful comment.

“Speaking out so publicly against the show on social media made things so much worse," a source told them.

Now that Osbourne is gone, Kathy Griffin will reportedly add things to Fashion Police like 'fun skits.' She is also hopeful that Khloe Kardashian will take Kelly Osbourne's place.

It was back in January that Kathy Griffin made her debut in Joan Rivers' spot on Fashion Police. And while she brought her 'acerbic wit' to the show, she was seemingly at a loss when she didn't have anything to bash. This left fans--and no doubt some cast and crew members, too--missing Rivers even more.

Do you think Kathy Griffin has what it takes to continue on in Joan Rivers' place on Fashion Police, and even more importantly to revamp the show? Will 'fun skits' improve ratings in the wake of Joan Rivers' passing?

NeNe Leakes is reportedly also being considered for Kelly Osbourne's spot.

Will Kathy Griffin has a say in whether NeNe Leakes or Khloe Kardashian is chosen?

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