Kathryn Edwards Finally Confronts Faye Resnick After Holding A Grudge For 21 Years

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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kathryn Edwards finally confronted Faye Resnick over an unresolved issue from 21 years ago.

Last Tuesday’s episode of RHOBH was filled with drama and angst, as Edwards released her resentment towards Resnick. Their dispute stemmed from Resnick’s tell-all book Nicole Brown Simpson: The Private Diary of a Life Interrupted.

The book alleged that Nicole Brown, O.J. Simpson’s wife, had an affair with Edwards’ ex-husband, Marcus Allen, which led to her murder.

Edwards, outraged by the accusation, said Resnick exploited the unfortunate event for fame. She said she had never met or even heard of Resnick before the book was published. Edwards denied the allegation written in the book.

“She capitalized on a tragedy. She wrote a book about it, she posed for Playboy, I’m sure she loved the limelight, I mean come on, she was having her 15 minutes,” she added.

“There's very few people in my life that I've carried a dagger for...She's one of them,” Kathryn Edwards told her co-stars at a barbecue party organized by Kyle Richards. “For twenty years,” she stressed.

Resnick tried her best to avoid talking about the past, and seemed surprised when Kathryn Edwards told her why she hated her so much. The tension was high as the two women addressed their feud. However, Edwards was not satisfied at all, “There's a part of me that feels a little cheated 'cuz I was ready,” she confessed moments after their confrontation. “I was ready to just, like, annihilate her.”

On Bravo blog, Kathryn Edwards, a former model, revealed Faye Resnick has a “sordid past.” She said she only wanted the other party to apologize for what she had done not just to her but to her friend, Brown’s memory. “Desperate people do desperate things,” she wrote of Resnick.

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