Kathie Lee Gifford: God Loves Bruce Jenner, As Does She and Frank Gifford

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Kathie Lee Gifford made a rather bold statement via Twitter regarding Bruce Jenner and his transition from a man to a woman. As anyone familiar with the Today Show host knows, Kathie Lee Gifford is a devout Christian. These days, many devout Christians translate the Bible quite literally, and some have little to no compassion for those who identify as LGBT.

Even though Kathie Lee Gifford has never alluded to any hateful beliefs, it likely pleases her fans to know that she holds no animosity toward Bruce Jenner's life change, and she doesn't believe him to be an abomination.

Kathie Lee and Frank Gifford are actually very good friends of both Bruce and Kris Jenner. Kathie Lee says she was shocked when she first learned of Bruce's transition.

“I never saw this coming,” Gifford said on Monday’s episode of the Today Show, adding the recent revelation “shocked me.”

She said she spoke with Bruce Jenner last week, just ahead of the airing of his interview with Diane Sawyer on ABC's 20/20.

“If you can imagine the surprise....How do you deal with that? The way you do, ultimately, is when you put love first and try to put yourself in someone else’s high heels, I suppose. Louboutins, in their case," Gifford said.

It was via Twitter that Kathie Lee Gifford made her very bold statement, and it would be very interesting to learn if she has received any backlash for it.

Kris Jenner tweeted her support of Bruce a day ahead of his interview with Diane Sawyer.

Kudos to people like Kathie Lee Gifford who speak of love when discussing Bruce Jenner and his transition. Hopefully Bruce's interview and the support of him by people like Kathie Lee Gifford and Kris Jenner--not to mention his two other ex-wives, Chrystie Crownover and Linda Thompson--will encourage others to feel a bit more ease about being themselves.

As Bruce Jenner said in his interview, he was 'born this way.'

No one should feel uncomfortable being the person they were at birth.

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