Kathie Lee Gifford Defends Kris Jenner During Bruce Jenner Transition

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Kathie Lee Gifford has come to the defense of Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch Kris Jenner in light of Bruce Jenner's recent interview about his transition from a man to a woman, and how Kris has been dissed in the media for not supporting him.

Frank and Kathie Lee Gifford have long been friends with Bruce and Kris Jenner. It was Frank who told Kathie Lee about Bruce's transition and his interview with Diane Sawyer.

Kathie Lee Gifford had a conversation with Bruce Jenner just a week ahead of last Friday's interview.

"Nothing I said, or he said to me, will ever be revealed," she told viewers on the Today Show segment she shares with Hota Kotb. "But, I’m glad that we did have a long talk because I was prepared for everything he was going to say and even more, and I am grateful for that because we all want to know how to go forward. We all want to love him through this."

Kris Jenner has been under fire since the Bruce Jenner and Diane Sawyer interview on 20/20 Friday night. Bruce's two former ex-wives issued statements about his transition, while Kris refused to comment.

"The other [wives Chrystie Crownover and Linda Thompson], both fine women, had a long time to get used to this," Kathie Lee Gifford explained. "This was new to Kris. She’s trying to get her act together. She’s trying to be a good friend to him. Trying to still be a good parent. It’s complicated in ways that we cannot even comprehend. Frank and I send our love and prayers to Bruce and his family. God loves you and so do we."

Do you think people will go a bit easier on the Keeping Up With the Kardashians matriarch in light of Kathie Lee Gifford's remark?

Gifford also lauded Bruce Jenner for being brave enough to go forward with his huge life change.

"We also know that there are children who are...that have to learn how to deal with this," shesaid. "If you could imagine the surprise-- mean how do you deal with that? The way you do is ultimately when you put love first and try to put yourself in someone else’s high heels, I suppose, and Louboutins in their case. The story isn’t over obviously. The transition goes on."

Kudos to Kathie Lee Gifford for supporting both Bruce and Kris Jenner during this time of significant change. Are you surprised--given the strong Christian faith that Kathie Lee Gifford practices--that she so easily accepts what Bruce is going through?

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