Katherine Jackson Still Hasn't Made Contact with Her Grandchildren

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Katherine Jackson, mother of pop music legend Michael Jackson and legal guardian of his three children, is still hiding out somewhere in Arizona. According to reports, she still hadn't made contact with Prince, Blanket, and Paris, the latter of whom has tweeted about this very peculiar situation. Fearing that something had happened to their grandmother, a missing person's report was filed on Saturday, though she's thought to be staying with her daughter.

Details surrounding Katherine's disappearance have been all over the place as of late. One of Michael Jackson's siblings issued a statement earlier this week, claiming the person who filed the missing person's report is the same individual they are trying to protect their mother from. In the meantime, Trent Jackson, the man who filed the paperwork following Katherine's disappearance, is rumored to be looking after Michaels's offspring.

On July 24th, Paris issued the following statement on her Twitter account:

Regarding Katherine Jackson's disappearance, attorney Sandra L. Ribera recently told Nightline, "We don't know where she is. We know that she is in Arizona, allegedly, but we don't know where because law enforcement won't give us the address, because it is an ongoing investigation." Ribera also added that Katherine was being prevented from reaching out to her grandchildren by the people she's staying with, though she wouldn't say who those individuals are.

If that wasn't enough family turmoil for one week, authorities were alerted to a disturbance at the Jackson home on Monday after Randy, Jermaine, and Janet bypassed security and allegedly attempted to take Michael's kids away. Depending on who you believe, all of this nonsense has something to do with Jackson's will, which stipulated that his estate be left to his children and his mother. In other words, all of this is probably about money.

Katherine's business partner, Howard Mann, also believes money is the motivating factor behind everything that's occurred over the past few days. "I believe that Katherine and the children who are benefactors of the estate fall on one side, and then Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie and Tito fall on the other side," he explained. "They're a group of people who have a great deal of questions about the administration of the estate."

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