Katherine Heigl To Play Lesbian In New Indie Film


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Katharine Heigl has played a variety of roles during her career, but her most recent is something she's never done before. Heigl plays a lesbian in the film Jenny's Wedding and her lover is Alexis Bledel.

Heigl plays lead character Jenny who comes from a strict family that wants her to get married and start a normal life. Heigl is willing to do that, but she wants to marry a woman instead of a man.

Heigl is a talented actress who is able to portray any character and embraced the chance to try something new in Jenny's Wedding. Although the role was challenging for her at times, Heigl talked about how much she enjoyed the experience saying,

"This film is about a young woman's journey to live the life that is right for her and live it proudly. It is a project that I'm so passionate about and grateful to be a part of."

A release date for the film has not yet been given, as the producers are still trying to earn money to fund much of the production, including the music and sound. In order to speed up the process, the producers have created an account on Indiegogo, a site similar to GoFundMe.

Heigl tweeted for fans to help support the film. Fans who donate to the production of the film will receive special film-related gifts and maybe even a retweet from their favorite character. Although the film is a lesbian love story, it is one that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Do you plan to donate to the film and will you watch it if it makes it to theaters?

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