Katharine McPhee, "Smash" Cast Brought "Bombshell" To Broadway

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Katharine McPhee and her former Smash castmates reunited earlier this year for a one-night-only production of Bombshell--the show-within-a-show featured on the drama series--and it was such huge success that Broadway producers are now in talks to develop it into a full-scale stage production.

McPhee said last month that she had no clue the reunion show was going to get as much attention as it did; the event sold out quickly, with fans clamoring for more.

"I had no idea the show, this one night thing would become as big as it is. People are really, they're more crazy about Smash now then they were when it was on the air," Katharine said.

McPhee starred on Smash for two seasons, but unfortunately for fans it was canceled before it could go further. It's unclear whether any of the original cast members will be starring in the Broadway show at this time.

McPhee has been a busy lady, between her television schedule, the stage, and her music career. The American Idol alum has been hard at work on her newest album, which will be released on July 24. Hysteria is one of her most personal projects to date.

"There's so many things and events that have happened in my life in the last 3 or 4 years. With earlier albums I found it difficult to find inspiration of things I wanted to sing about. I think I was also shy; I wasn't sure of myself as a writer. I really didn't feel like I had that much to say, had that much to write about. So I think the overall theme of this record is that, yes, there's been searching, there's been heartbreak, there's been longing, I think finally, for the first time, I felt motivated to find stories within my own life to write about," Katharine McPhee said.

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