Kate's Baby Bump Makes An Appearance

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Kate Middleton has kept things pretty low-key since her pregnancy was announced, so she hasn't been photographed too much out in public. Around the time news of a royal baby got around, she was hospitalized for severe, continuous morning sickness which was quickly overcome, but not before a prank gone awry aided in the suicide of a charge nurse working at the hospital she was admitted to. Perhaps the subsequent scandal--and backlash against the people responsible--are as much to blame for her retreat from the public eye as the pregnancy.

But it seems the Duchess is ready to be seen again as she was photographed in London last week, wearing a large shawl that covered quite a bit. And while the belly is barely there, she is noticeably pregnant, and that makes fans happy. Many have been eager for any news or pics of the mum-to-be.


Image: Top Star Pictures

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