Kate Winslet to Star in 'Divergent'


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Kate Winslet has been on a bit of a hot streak lately. The actress, who won an Oscar in 2008 for her role in The Reader, recently married Ned Rocknroll and discussed her love life (including her divorce from director Sam Mendes) in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar.

Now, it appears that the Titanic actress could be part of the next big young adult movie series. Reuters is reporting that Winslet has been cast in the role of Jeanine Matthews in the movie Divergent.

Divergent is will be adapted from a series of young adult novels by Veronica Roth. The books are set in a dystopian Chicago, where a young girl deals with the political and philosophical realities of the different factions that rule society.

Though Winslet's name will lend credibility to the movie, it could also be a chance for the actress to step away from the more serious dramatic roles she is known for. Winslet has shown a knack for comedy in the past, as the clip below from a 2005 episode of the Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant comedy Extras demonstrates:

(Image courtesy Andrea Raffin)