Kate Upton Newest Victim Of Baby Rumor Mill

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Kate Upton isn't even safe from the celebrity pregnancy rumor hysteria.

Even if you are perfectly thin, and make your living being thin, you could eat a burrito one day and suddenly be expecting.

That's what has happened to poor Kate Upton over the past few days.

The gorgeous Kate Upton was spotted out shopping with fellow model Lily Aldridge in a slightly baggy dress. Apparently the way it clung to her around the middle started a firestorm of speculation.

Some immediately declared that Kate Upton is pregnant with boyfriend Justin Verlander's child.

Their evidence? Kate Upton's baggy dress and a toast that her and Verlander made with water in the glasses instead of wine.

However, some said that Kate Upton was obviously gaining weight, which is apparently a deadly sin.

Poor Kate Upton has had to battle her image for her entire life.

“In the beginning of my career, slimmer, less curvy models were more popular and I got down on myself." Kate Upton said of her early career.

Upton continued, "I didn’t feel as confident or as beautiful, but it made me realize that it’s not about what people say to you or what people think, it’s about competing with yourself and being the best that you can be…. It’s kind of funny to think, ‘The news is talking about whether I’m fat or not.’ It was hard at first. I really just live my life. I love my body.”

Whether Kate Upton is really pregnant or not, only time will tell. In the meantime, I hope we can shy away from talking about how "fat" these models are getting. It really makes a regular girl's life a little more glum!

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