Kate Moss Strikes Unusual Pose at 40

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Kate Moss has undergone some very unusual transformations as part of a series of advertisements for Alexander McQueen. The 40-year-old super model has exactly what it takes to pull off the look in these amazing photo shoots touting the fashion great's 2014 spring and summer line.

Almost unrecognizable, Moss appears in the ad campaign with very close cropped blonde hair. Donning metallic makeup and skin-baring leather and metal attire, she looks like a super hero or a warrior princess, and her clothing isn't all that different from what Lynda Carter wore in her Wonder Woman days, except the red, white and blue has been exchanged for a more sultry color palette.

The ads themselves exude an air of gloom and doom as Kate Moss walks through "darkened streets and isolated rooms," but the collection is inspired by early 20th century trends. It is said to be "exuberant and athletic."

Moss only recently turned 40, and when you see her in this Alexander McQueen ad campaign, there is little to no hint of her being a day over 25.

Check out one of the ads in its entirety.

What do you suppose is with Kate Moss's look-alike doll? Is her her own "Mini-Me? It lends itself to the creepy sense one gets when first viewing the ad, and leaves you wondering exactly what it was all about. It doesn't seem to serve any purpose other than to raise that question of "Why?" It's quite unlikely that Alexander McQueen is making doll clothes in his spare time.

What do you think of Kate Moss in these new Alexander McQueen ads? She certainly looks stunning at 40 in ads that are no doubt targeting women of a little younger age group. Will her appearance in them result in the kind of sales the fashion mogul is expecting?

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