Kate Moss' Little Sister Makes Modeling Debut


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Sometimes the modeling contract doesn't fall far from the tree.

Just ask Kate Moss' little sister, Lottie Moss, as she just made her modeling debut for Teen Vogue, in the magazine's April issue.

"Move over, Kate. There's a new Moss in town," wrote the fashion magazine as it posted a photo of Lottie on its Instagram account.

By the looks of it, Teen Vogue is really excited about Lottie and expects her to do big things, just like the older Moss.

And besides the photos, the magazine also interviewed Lottie, and the fact that she went on and on about singer Justin Bieber shows that she's pretty much just a normal teenager, which is refreshing for some reason.

"He's amazing," she said about the Candadian pop star. "Oh my God, I can't even choose a favorite song."

Another sign that Lottie is just a normal 16 year old, and hasn't been corrupted by the fashion industry yet, is the fact that she still wears Scrunchies, the elastic circle-ish band that women use to put their hair up with.

"They're really good," said Lottie. "I get them at [a store in the UK called] River Island and vintage places."

Of course if she continues to be a model she probably won't be wearing Scrunchies for too long--at least not in public anyway--and when it comes to being influenced by her big sis, Lottie says she received all of her modeling inspiration from her, and hopes to follow in her footsteps.

"Well, it kind of runs in the family," she explained. "Kate was a massive part of why I started."

But that doesn't mean the 16 year old wants to be heavily associated with Kate. In fact, it's so important that she establishes her own identity, she refuses to answer any questions about her sister.

"Write what you want," said her management team. "But she will not answer any Kate questions."

Image via Wikimedia Commons