Kate Middleton's Nose Becoming Popular For Plastic Surgery


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Many women dream of someday becoming a princess. While only a select few women will get to live out that fantasy in reality, many more will do just about anything to get close to that dream.

The New York Daily News this week reported that women in New York are now requesting that plastic surgeons change their nose to match the one seen on Kate Middleton's face. Evidently, some women have become obsessed by the Duchess of Cambridge's schnoz.

A plastic surgeon in New York interviewed by the Daily News stated that he had already created 100 Kate Middleton noses for women. The women in the article referred to the duchess' nose as "adorable," "perky," and "feminine." One woman noted that she liked the way the bridge on Middleton's nose "swoops" and how its tip "doesn't fall when she smiles."

This isn't the first trend for rhinoplasty, and it won't be the last. Before the duchess' nose became popular patients were often requesting actress Jennifer Aniston's. Before Aniston, Nicole Kidman's thinly-sculpted nose was awkwardly placed upon the faces of many women, so perhaps Middleton's normal-looking nose is a step in the right direction.