Kate Middleton And Prince William Visit Bear Cottage


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Kate Middleton and Prince William recently visited the Bear Cottage Hospice facility in Manly, Sydney where they met and visited with sick children.

Kate and William struggled to hold back tears during their visit as they met children with only days to live, some of whom were the same age as their young son George.

One child who was being treated for bacterial meningitis, really pulled at the heart strings of William. The little boy is only 8 months old and doctors say he only has a few days to live.

Although meeting the child was difficult, Kate and William both enjoyed their time spent with him and were happy to have had the chance to talk and play with him.

"I welled up and was really worried I would start crying," admitted the 31-year-old Prince. "Once I started I wouldn't I have stopped, so it took a great effort to control myself. He's a similar age to George, it was extremely moving."

Kate and William talked and visited with each child at the facility and even joined them for singing and dancing. They also took the time to meet with the families of the sick children.

The children as well as their families enjoyed the visit from Kate and William and were touched by their kindness and compassion.

After meeting with the children and their families, Kate pushed back the tears and gave a speech to the Bear Cottage crowd. She thanked everyone for letting her, George and William visit them and applauded the facility on their good work.

"To be here together as a family has been very special and we will always remember it with fond and happy memories," she said in her speech.

Kate is patron of the East Anglia Children's Hospice in the UK and was very impressed with the facility. She said that there needed to be more places like Bear Cottage in Sydney and around the world.

What do you think of Kate and Prince William's visit to the Bear Cottage facility?

Image via Wikimedia Commons