Kate Mara's Dad Has Something to Say About Her New Pixie Haircut

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Kate Mara's dad is not exactly a fan of her new hair style.

The Fantastic Four actress unveiled a super-short pixie haircut earlier this summer for the press tour of the film and her favorite fan is none too pleased.

During an appearance on Live With Kelly and Michael on Tuesday, Kelly Ripa couldn't wait to get to Mara's new hairstyle.

Is the style more work or less than her formerly long locks? asked Ripa.

“Oh, less!” Mara replied. “I don’t have to wash it now, I don’t have to brush it. I love it.”

When Ripa asked how others have reacted to the daring new look, Kate Mara said the reactions were mostly positive, save for one.

“I got a lot of nice things,” she said, but “I got one sort of negative thing said to me. I text messaged my dad the other day saying I miss you, and his response was, I miss your hair. So, thanks Dad!”

The stylist responsible for Mara's new look, L’Oréal Paris hairstylist Mara Roszak, told People magazine that the actress herself was the inspiration for the bold move.

“A pixie is something that is a major decision to do; the person has to be prepared, and she immediately owned it,” Roszak said of Kate Mara. “She has such beautiful bone structure and features, so I knew going pixie would be perfect on her. It’s something she’s always wanted to do and the response has been amazing.”

What do you all think of Kate Mara's short do?

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