Kate Major: Michael Lohan's Wife Concentrating on Sobriety Following Arrest

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Kate Major, the wife of Michael Lohan and stepmother of Lindsay Lohan, was arrested on Thursday evening in Boca Raton, Florida, after she allegedly became involved in an altercation with her husband. Since her arrest, she claims to be focused on her sobriety.

"My main concern is the welfare of my children who are MY life and I am refocusing on my sobriety," Kate Major said in an interview with Us Weekly. "Please respect our family's privacy at this time."

Major was a reporter when she married Michael Lohan in October of 2013. The couple has two children together-- Landon, who is two, and Logan, who is just three months old.

A TV station in Florida released the 911 call in the Kate Major Lohan battery investigation earlier on Saturday.

A source close to Kate Major told Us Weekly that she is concentrating on her family and on her sobriety in the aftermath of this latest incident.

"Kate is just so heartbroken and embarrassed and she really just wants to keep their family issues private," the source says. "She won’t say anything badly about anyone in the family and she’s really working hard to get better."

Do you think this marriage between Michael Lohan and Kate Major stands a chance of surviving? Michael Lohan has his own set of issues he's been dealing with for years.

It's rather sad that Kate Major and Michael Lohan's children are being raised in this kind of chaos. It's plain to see what being raised by Michael Lohan and Dina Lohan did for Lindsay Lohan.

Are Kate Major's kids destined to travel down some of those same roads?

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