Kate Hudson Talks Children And Tabloids

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Some celebrities don’t mind the paparazzi snapping photos of them with their children, but others hate it. Most feel like the children of celebrities should not have to deal with the paparazzi because they didn’t ask to be famous and shouldn’t have to worry about the media at such a young age.

Kate Hudson is one of the many celebrities who do not want their children photographed.

In a recent interview with Cover Media, Kate was asked if she felt like it was harder for upcoming actresses and their families today than it was when she was growing up. She responded by saying,

“I think that tabloids are interested in dysfunctional people. Therefore you can look at that and say that’s why there are certain people who are very tabloid friendly whereas there are other people who aren’t tabloid friendly. I think yes in the last fifteen years or ten years it’s gotten much worse, way crazier.”

She went on to say that she doesn’t mind being photographed and realizes that it comes with the job. She also said that she doesn’t like when the paparazzi try to photograph her two sons, especially without asking first.

“When we were kids it wasn’t even close. There was a modicum of respect for people’s private lives. Somebody said to me once that a perfect example of how it changed back in the day is if Cary Grant slipped on a red carpet people would turn their back and now people are throwing banana peels out there. I think that’s exactly how it’s changed just in terms of the difference. Whether it’s good or bad – I don’t know. It’s a little frustrating. The only thing that really bugs me is when it comes to the kids. They didn’t choose what I do or what Matt does or what Chris does and when they become a man and is out in the world and wants to get into show business then they would have chosen that field of work, but right now, they’re just boys. They should have a normal life as a kid and it’s really frustrating when people are trying to take pictures of your children. That’s really sad, it’s low. Low class,” she said.

Kate isn’t alone in her views. Other celebrities including Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have called for a boycott of magazines that pay for photos of celebrity babies and children.

If these magazines didn’t pay for these types of photo, the paparazzi would have no reason to take them.

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