Kate Hudson Celebrates Mom Goldie Hawn on 70th Birthday

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Kate Hudson celebrated her beautiful mom, actress Goldie Hawn, on her 70th birthday. Posting to her Instagram account, Kate Hudson shared a poem and a video in honor of the birthday girl.

"On this day in the clouds I'm sure//
A man had a plan for the twenty first//
He took a sweet soul and said its time my dear//
You must go back down to share your cheer//
Your beauty will please// Your laughter will spread//
You may even meet a man and be thirty years unwed//
To many you will be their rising muse//
And light will bath you in golden hues//
So, with excitement she went back down to the earth// To meet her old friends, Laura Hawn to rebirth// She had no clue on that day what would be//
And day by day it seemed God made her special in some way//
She never seemed to follow in line//
Always a bit on the outside, goofy by design//

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Just a short time after Kate Hudson posted her birthday wishes for Goldie Hawn, brother Oliver Hudson posted a photo of all the siblings together.

"Off grid with my bro's and parents for a week! We'll see ya on the other side 😉 #LoveMyFam #HappyBirthdayMamaGoldie #OnlyGirl ? #LoveTheSea," he captioned the shot.

Kate Hudson reposted it to her account, too.

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Who remembers Goldie Hawn from way back in the Laugh-In days? It's hard to imagine she is now 70 years old.

Kudos to Kate Hudson and her brother Oliver for lauding their mom on her special day. It certainly sounds like the whole gang is getting away to spend some much-deserved time together as a family.

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