Kate Gosselin Joins Celebrity Apprentice: Will She Bring The Drama?

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Kate Gosselin stands out in the sea of semi-familiar faces set to tackle a new season of Celebrity Apprentice.

Perhaps it's because the 39-year-old mother of eight is known far and wide for her own reality television series, Kate Plus 8.

Or it could be that everyone is still stunned at Kate's lengthy blonde mane. Gone is Gosselin's infamous Flock of Seagulls-esque hairdo.

Whatever the case, fans of the reality TV mom will be tuning to watch the new season of Celebrity Apprentice. Donald Trump has gone on record about the popular series, and promised that this latest season "is on point to be the best yet".

It could be that the cast list, which includes Real Housewives stars Brandi Glanville and Kenya Moore, is poised for dramatic flare-ups.

Also in the boardroom with Kate Gosselin will be comedian Gilbert Gottfried, former football player Terrell Owens, and there will even be guest appearances by the late Joan Rivers.

Will so many C-list names (and A-list egos) in one place, there is bound to be conflict.

Just don't expect Kate to be the one bringing the drama.

"I am a strong personality," Gosselin told Us Weekly. "[I thin that what will] come out here is that I'm not a pot stirrer. I'm definitely not a drama starter."

Kate said that this revelation is "probably going to be surprising to a lot of people", no doubt due to the drama surrounding her TLC show and the departure of former husband Jon Gosselin.

However, Kate Gosselin views drama as something that "gets in the way of getting work done".

Make no mistake: Gosselin said she intended to use her time on the show to her advantage, to gain valuable insight that could be used for her own business ventures.

"I'm willing and excited to learn whatever I can."

As for being away from her eight youngsters, the mom admits that it's not easy.

"Obviously it's hard to be away from my kids for an extended period," said Kate Gosselin. "But they're good. They're very supportive."

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