Kate Gosselin Isn’t Fazed By Ex-Husband’s Eviction

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Jon Gosselin has been struggling to get his life back on track since he and Kate divorced.

Kate has went on to make millions from her celebrity appearances and reality show, while Jon is rumored to be struggling financially and working a minimum wage job.

Earlier this week it was reported that Jon was evicted from his home.

“It’s true. The eviction happened last week. He could no longer afford the rent. He has moved out and is already in a new place in the same neighborhood,” a source told E!. “The job at the credit card company he was working for didn’t pan out. The anticipated income wasn’t there and the situation deteriorated.”

He was quick to get another place and is hoping his kids will not be upset about the eviction.

Kate took advantage of Jon’s low moment and tweeted about how happy she and her kids are and how well they are doing in school.

Either she was deliberately bragging to make Jon look even worse or she wasn't even fazed by Jon's eviction.

It has been rumored that Kate will not let Jon see the kids very often as it is and she has made it very clear that she does not want him in her home. Without having a place to take the kids when he is allowed to see them, Jon could start seeing them even less.

Jon was in such a hurry to get his new place that he couldn’t be picky and had to settle for a place much smaller than his former home. Now he is afraid that he doesn’t have enough room for all of the kids.

“The saddest part of it is he now has nowhere to take the kids. He’s not allowed at the house, so he was taking them to his old apartment. But the new one is too small for eight children. It’s heartbreaking,” the source added.

Hopefully Jon will be able to get his life back on track and be able to spend more time with is children.

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