Kate Gosselin Holds Yard Sale Following News Of Jon’s Home Eviction

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Reality TV star Kate Gosselin plans to hold a yard sale this weekend, causing some to question whether she’s strapped for cash. According to In Touch Weekly, a local radio station has announced that Kate will be selling some of her family’s used possessions at a yard sale on October 25.

Speaking to Y102’s Jackie and Scott, Kate announced that her family, including her eight children made famous by the TLC reality show, will be selling their pre-loved items at a yard sale at St. Johns United Church of Christ. Kate and her children will be letting go of unwanted or no longer needed items that were “clogging up their house.”

Although questions on whether Kate is desperate for cash were sparked by the announcement of the yard sale, the family’s website counters that rumor. An announcement for the yard sale posted on the site states that a portion of the profits from the items will be donated to the Local Animal Rescue League.

— In Touch Weekly (@intouchweekly) October 20, 2014

Kate has been criticized for selling items that were gifted to her and her children, but she has apparently been managing her finances better than her husband Jon, who recently got evicted from his home in Pennsylvania. According to The Stir, Jon was also fired from his waitering job because he was “blowing off shifts and coming in late,” which might explain why he couldn’t make payments for his house and his checks had been bouncing.

— POPDUST (@Popdust) October 15, 2014

“It's true. The eviction happened [in early October]. He could no longer afford the rent. He has moved out and is already in a new place in the same neighborhood,” a source told E! News.

Meanwhile, Kate has been involved in a slew of projects to support her brood financially, besides her reality specials for Kate Plus 8 on TLC. Despite criticism of her methods, Kate seems to be pulling her weight as a parent. “[TV] is a pretty fantastic way to feed my children, keep them in an amazing house, at an amazing school and make memories together,” she said in June.

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