Kate Gosselin: Do Court Documents Show She Abused Her Children?

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Kate Gosselin has long been questioned with regard to the way she is raising her eight children. Following her split from Jon Gosselin, he was vocal about not liking it when Kate allowed the kids to appear on her Kate Plus 8 reality show. Now some court documents have surfaced, thanks to RadarOnline, that indicate Jon believed Kate Gosselin was abusing their eight kids. How much of this do you suppose is true?

It's important to understand that these documents date back to 2010--shorty after Jon and Kate Gosselin got divorced.

Some of the allegations of abuse against Kate Gosselin that appear in a document titled “Father’s Statement of Issues” include the following:

1. Physical Marks On Children: On Tuesday, October 19, 2010, while bathing Leah, Father found large red welt on her rear end. Leah explained that it was from Mother, after Leah bit Hannah, and it had happened on Thursday, before Mother left. While Father would prefer that Mother not physically discipline the children, if Mother is going to do so, she should not do so to the point of leaving marks on children. Several children have come forward to
Father complaining that they get hurt when Mother spanks them.

2. Right Of First Refusal: Father has requested that he be given the option of caring for the children when Mother is unable to care for the children overnight during her custodial
time. Mother has refused to agree to this request. Recently, Mother traveled with the two older children for 6 days and left the six younger children in the care of a 19-year old babysitter.
Father was available, however, Mother refused to let the children stay with Father and/or allow Father to stay in her home with the children. Mother has also instructed her babysitters that they
are not to contact Father and/or provide Father with any information and/or accept phone calls from Father.

3. School lunches: Mother must provide FRESH lunch each day for children. It has been observed by Father, and said by children that when they do not eat an item in their lunch, Mother packs that exact item the next day, and the next day until they eat it. Hannah reported having moldy strawberries, and Alexis said her sandwich is stale. Leah said she had some food
left over from lunch for many weeks. This is unhealthy.

4. Taking Away Or Throwing Away Any Toys, Stuffed Animals, Pictures Brought Home From Fathers: Children have explained concern that they cannot safely bring any gifts, toys, pictures, or stuffed animals home from Father’s house. Mother takes them away, and throws them out. Children have independently decided to hide certain toys, etc. around their room but fear everyday that they will be found and thrown away. Mother must not throw things out without asking Father first.

These are only four out of many issues that were included on the documents filed in court by Jon Gosselin, indicating that Kate Gosselin may have been abusing their children.

Of course it's important to acknowledge that there are two sides to every story, but this many complaints definitely raises concerns.

Kate Gosselin shared her dismay at the allegations of child abuse being brought back to the media forefront.

What do you make of these accusations against Kate Gosselin? Do you think she is capable of abusing or of having abused her eight children?

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