Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild: Together at One Direction Concert

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Kate Gosselin and former bodyguard Steve Neild are supposedly 'broken up' since Steve's wife put her foot down regarding their 'relationship,' however the two were spotted together once again this past weekend at a One Direction concert in New Jersey. Kate's twin daughters Mady and Cara Gosselin, were seen at the concert, along with Neild and their mom.

It wasn't all that long ago that Steve Neild's wife gave him an ultimatum and he left his post as Kate Gosselin's personal and family body guard in an effort to patch things up with his own family. Wife Gina reportedly “told him his time with Kate as her bodyguard was making the family miserable and that he had to make a choice.”

Kate and Steve were last spotted in public together back in March when they accompanied Mady and Cara to a Demi Lovato concert.

The media learned about Kate Gosselin and Steve Neild at the One Direction concert this past weekend from innocent bystanders who noticed them and posted to Twitter. This one even managed to capture the concert-goers in a photo.

Sources claim Steve Neild is still trying to work things out with his family, but is still friends with Kate Gosselin. Apparently neither Steve nor Kate showed anything deemed overtly affectionate toward one another during the One Direction concert, so maybe they really are behaving themselves. One has to wonder what Gina Neild thinks of these friendly get-togethers, however. Is she okay with this or did she not know about it until the media caught wind of it?

Steve Neild has supposedly been the only consistent male figure in the lives of Kate Gosselin's children for many years (what is Jon Gosselin--chopped liver?), therefore some believe he is there for their sake only.

Do you think that's the case or is that simply a bad excuse for a couple of adults who may have just gotten caught doing something they weren't supposed to do?

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