Kate Gosselin and Her Eight Kids Coming Back to TV

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Kate Gosselin and her eight kids are coming back to TV.

TLC has released a clip from the upcoming special Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10. The clip does not feature Gosselin's ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, and it is unsure if he will make an appearance.

It's been three years since the reality show was cancelled and it looks like the family is struggling, at least Kate seems to be struggling, and generally speaking, a happy mom equals a happy family.

"A lot has changed since you last have been here," Kate says in the clip. "It's all still happening with or without cameras. We've all been though a lot. We've learned what's important.

"I'm getting older, tireder, more worn out... The kids are getting older and smarter and giving me a run for my money daily and hourly and moment by moment," she adds, as she prepares breakfast for the munchkins.

The new special is all about the tenth birthdays of the Gosselin sextuplets - three girls and three boys: Alexis, Hannah, Leah, Aaden, Collin and Joel. Twin sisters Cara and Mady are now 13.

In the clip, Kate shares a parenting technique that she uses to discipline her elder daughters.

"I got those girls cell phones and iPads - so I could take them away," she says with a grin on her face. "Yes indeed."

She provides an example of the technique when the clip shows Gosselin getting a little miffed after daughter Mady tries to share her thoughts about spring break plans. When Gosselin gives her the brush off, the teen leaves the room yelling, “I didn’t do anything! You never trust me!”

Gosselin tells her daughter to get back in the room saying, “Interrupting me and saying, ‘No, we’re not,’ is something! I will give you one chance, this moment, to apologize, change your attitude and come back and that’s your last redemption."

Like most teens, Mady returns from her room and screams an apology at her mom, to which Gosselin replies, “Without stomping and shaking me when you walk by.” She then takes the teen's cellphone, telling the TLC cameras that she purchased phones for Mady and her other daughter Cara so she could “take them away.”

The two-part special Kate Plus Eight: Sextuplets Turn 10 airs on June 19 and June 26 on TLC.

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