Kate and Jon Gosselin Reunite At Community Yard Sale


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Kate and Jon have had one of the worst divorces ever to play out in the public eye.

When the couple made their television debut, they were the young parents of a set of twins and a set of sextuplets.

While they often seemed stressed, they also seemed to be happy.

All of that changed in just a few years and in 2009 the two divorced and things got messy. Kate and Jon went from having small spats on television to having huge arguments and fights.

Kate kicked Jon out of the house and kept the children with her to continue their reality show without Jon. Jon didn't want the kids doing television, and tried to talk Kate into letting them have a normal life, but she was set on doing the show.

Recently is has been rumored that Kate will not even let Jon in her home and that Jon is having a hard time making ends meet. These rumors seemed to be confirmed last week when Jon was allegedly evicted from his home.

Jon was able to find another home fairly quickly, but is still rumored to be struggling financially.

Jon and Kate may try to avoid each other as much as possible, but they were almost forced to interact at a community yard sale.

All of their children were present, and the whole family was seen sitting at a table together at one point in the day.

Witnesses told TMZ that the couple didn't talk much and that both Jon and Kate seemed a little unhappy with the fact that they had to put up with each other. Still, they made it through the event without fighting and the kids got a rare chance to hang out with both of their parents at the same time.

Do you think Jon and Kate will ever stop the fighting and arguing?