Kat Dennings Shares Her Celebrity Crush With Ellen


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Almost everyone has a celebrity crush, and believe it or not, some celebrities get crushes on other celebrities as well.

Kat Dennings recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and shared her celebrity crush with the world.

Dennings said that she is a huge fan of Kim Kardashian and thinks she is just beautiful.

Dennings is one of the stars of 2 Broke Girls. When Kardashian made an appearance on the show's 80th episode, Dennings said that she was so excited to meet Kim that she was almost at a loss for words when it happened.

“I didn’t know what to expect because she’s so famous,” Dennings recalled. “I was very nervous because I’ve seen so many episodes, and she was very sweet. She was very nice. And her a** is amazing! I am feminism, girl power, but I was just so in love with her a**. I just spit talking about it — that’s how passionate I feel!”

Dennings went on to say that she couldn't tell Kim how she felt about her or her butt when the two stars were face to face so she just introduced herself and made small talk instead.

"We would say a nice thing or two, talk about friends we know or people we have in common, and then she would turn around and Beth and I would [mouth], ‘Oh, my God!’ It’s beautiful. She’s gorgeous. It’s just amazing. I’ve never seen an a** like that in my life."

Dennings recalled an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Kanye commented on Kim's butt and said that she felt the same way.

“Kanye was there and he was like, ‘I have never seen an a** like that.’ And that’s what I was thinking!” Dennings admitted.

“And yet he got to her first. You just missed out on that one,” DeGeneres quipped.

“Such is my luck!” Dennings said jokingly.

Well it's safe to say that Kim knows Dennings is a fan now.