Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift: If They Weren't Kissing, Why Not Just Say So?

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Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift have been caught up in a storm of controversy lately over some blurry footage that appears to show them kissing at a concert featuring the band The 1975.

Gossip Cop says that a rep for Taylor is reportedly calling the rumor “hilarious.”

According to the New York Daily News, Swift’s rep said, “It’s sad that on the day it’s announced Taylor has three Grammy nominations for ‘Shake It Off,’ I have to shake off this crap.”

But none of that is a No.

Then there was this piece on Hollywood Life titled: “Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss Caught Kissing? — What Really Happened.”

The problem is, the article does not tell “what really happened” beyond more unfounded guesswork that it was “two longtime friends in a sweet embrace.”

The HL piece goes on to say that “a source” tells them that Taylor and Matty Healy of The 1975 are an item.

“Taylor and Matty have been dating for approximately two months now,” the unnamed source said. "It started off as a mutual crush and has been blossoming more and more.”

But that “source” quote was from an article the day before, not in response to the Karlie/Taylor kiss rumor.

Here is the “kiss” as tweeted by the original poster.

Some sites have mentioned Taylor’s later Instagram pic as some proof that this is all baloney.

I'm in love with @marhunt and @lilyaldridge

A photo posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on

But here is the question: If this was not a kiss, why can’t someone just say so? Why all the “this is crap” and “she likes Matty” angles?

So what if Taylor Swift kissed a girl? And so what if she just doesn’t want to comment on it?

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