Kareem Abdul Jabbar Talks Andrew Bynum, Questions His Commitment to Basketball

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Basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabber is not too pleased with Cleveland Cavaliers' center Andrew Bynum.

It's no secret that former LA Lakers' star Andrew Bynum was suspended indefinitely from the Cavs on Saturday, Dec. 28.

However, the reason why he's suspended is still up in the air, but there are rumors circulating around Bynum's alleged behavior, which prompted the team's judgement.

Several media outlets, included BleacherReport, claim that Bynum is simply 'tired' of playing basketball.

A number of NBA enthusiasts and sports analysts also took to Twitter to share the alleged reports of Bynum's perspective.

This particular claim is the crux of Abdul-Jabbar's problem with Bynum. The 7'1 phenom is even questioning the 2-time NBA champion's commitment to the game.


Abdul-Jabbar took to Facebook on Sunday to state his disdain toward Bynum's recent behavior, and his perspective toward basketball. The 6-time NBA MVP, who actually worked closely with Bynum during his 7-season tenure with the Lakers, even questioned his commitment to the duration of his basketball career.


"I believe Andrew has always had the potential to help a team when he puts his heart into it. He just doesn't seem to be consistent with his commitment to the game. That can lead to alot of frustration for any team that has signed him," said Abdul-Jabbar.

"When I worked with Andrew I found him to be bright & hardworking but I think he got bored with the repetitive nature of working on basketball fundamentals day in and day out... but they are the keys to long term success," he said.

"In my opinion Andrew is the type of person who walks to the beat of "a different drummer", he explained. "So we won't know the facts until Andrew decides to tell us what actually is the issue and shares his thoughts. @KAJ33"


Although Bynum's suspension was deftly lifted by the Cavs on Sunday, he's not out of the woods just yet. He is still excused from all team activities while Cleveland Cavalier officials work to lock down a trade deal for the January 7 deadline. So, it looks as though Mike Brown was right when he said, "Not trying to be funny, but you know what indefinite means".

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