Kardashian Home Is A Big Fake, For Security Reasons

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The Kardashians have garnered millions of fans over the years with their reality shows and forays into the retail world, so it's no surprise that they would have people showing up at their gate hoping for a glimpse of the family. That's why, says Kim, they use an exterior shot of a different home instead of the actual Jenner mansion.

"My old home in Beverly Hills was really my home & I would get people showing up at all hours ringing my gate & had to call the police on several occasions," Kardashian wrote on Mobio Insider recently. "People hoping [sic] the gate & scaring me. It was so unsafe. The hollywood star tours would stop by too, bc they recognized my home from our show. After that we realized how unsafe it is to show the exterior of our homes. So now we use different homes for the outside for security purposes."

Kardashian was answering a question from a fan because the home seen in exterior shots on the show recently sold, and news began to get around the web on Wednesday.

The family has been in the headlines quite a bit lately, between Kim's upcoming wedding to Kanye West, Kendall Jenner's blooming modeling career, and Khloe's recent drama with the divorce and a jewelry theft that occurred when someone broke into her home. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth was reportedly taken, but police are investigating it as an inside job since there were several workmen in the home while Khloe and ex Lamar were away.

Khloe also spoke about her mom and famous sister Kim, saying the two often dress alike.

"My mom basically tags around with Kim, follows her around, dresses like Kim, like I bought her mansion for her,” she said. “What is so weird to me is we are showing a picture of tattoos [Bieber and his dad], I got a freaking tattoo on my lower back, the bitch [Kris] copied me and got the same one!” she said on "Chelsea Lately"

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