Kardashian Divorce: Final Settlement (Finally) Approved; Humphries Gets Nothing

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The divorce of reality TV actress and amateur porn star Kim Kardashian from her husband, Kris Humphries, had become a bit of a joke. Though their marriage lasted only 72 days, their contentious divorce proceedings have lasted over a year now. Just last week, Humphries' no-show at a divorce settlement conference seemed to indicate the couple were no closer to reaching an agreement.

This week, however, TMZ is reporting that the couple is finally divorced. The publication has stated that Humphries will come away from the marriage without a piece of Kardashian's fortune and that the NBA star did not recieve an annulment based on fraud as he had originally requested. One of the hold-ups on divorce proceedings is that Humphries reportedly believed the marriage to be a publicity stunt, and wanted to be compensated for it.

Now that Kardashian is officially divorced, rumors have begun circulating that she and her new man, R&B star Kanye West, could be looking to get hitched. Kardashian is currently pregnant with West's child, and is expected to give birth in July.

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