Kardashian "Baby Bump" Watch Begins

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Since the news broke that Kim Kardashian is expecting a baby with Kanye West, everyone has been on Bump Watch. Of course, it's too early to see much of anything, but that's not stopping several celebrity gossip sites from trying.

Kardashian just announced the pregnancy at the end of last month, and Kanye broke the news to his fans at a concert with a shoutout to is "baby mama". Since then, the web has fairly blown up with rumors, speculation, and pics of the reality star as everyone tries to get the first shot of a baby belly.

Kim's ex, Kris Humphries, is still battling it out with her in court over the dissolution of their 72-day marriage and wants her to acknowledge that the relationship was executed simply out of a desire for ratings for "Keeping Up With The Kardashians". Rumors were rampant on the web earlier this month that Humphries can legally claim her child is his in the state of California since she's still legally married to him, and now some are saying he's holding up divorce proceedings on purpose.

“They can’t go to court until his basketball season is over, so he tells people that he is in control of her misery. When he found out about the baby, he was bragging to all of his friends that he wasn’t going to ‘allow’ her to be divorced when she had the baby. He intends to tell his attorney when they set a trial date next month that he can’t do it until late summer. It’s all planned and calculated,” a source said.

We'll have to wait and see what happens in court, but for now, don't expect the gossip mags to back down just because there's nothing to see. Until there's a visible baby gut, all eyes are on Kim.

The supposed "bump"


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