Kanye West Wants Amber Rose To Get Down On Her Knees And Beg For Forgiveness

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After making a statement in LA’s SlutWalk on Saturday where Amber Rose publicly forgave the two famous men in her life, Kanye West is still not ready to call it a truce. He is demanding two things from Rose before he gives her forgiveness, too.

First, West wants to make sure that nothing in Rose’s upcoming book, How To Be A Bad Bitch, disrespects or says anything negative about himself and his wife, Kim Kardashian. Second, he wants Rose to go down on her knees, beg Kim for forgiveness, and take back all the mean things she’s said about her. In her speech, Rose said that she wanted to forgive West for all the mean things he has said about her after they broke up. “Unfortunately, I was extremely slut-shamed. I was called nothing but a stripper. Why would he ever be interested in me, I’m just a bald-head stripper from Philly. I was a gold digger,” Rose told the audience as she recounted the events following her split with West.

Rose also talked about West saying he had to take 30 showers before he moved on with Kim.

But what could’ve been a genuine speech of forgiveness for Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa might have been another opportunity to throw them shade as Rose’s mother, Dorothy, joined the SlutWalk holding up a sign that said, "F**k yo 30 showers!" and wore a shirt saying, "Just because I'm a sexual being doesn't mean I want to have sex with you."

Apparently, Dorothy is one of the reasons why West didn’t buy Rose’s speech.

A source said, “He’s heard about Amber’s apology at her SlutWalk but doesn’t think it’s genuine. How are you going to apologize to the man but at the same time have your mother disrespect him? Amber is a fool if she thinks Kanye somehow feels sorry for her or thinks her apology was serious by crying as if he’s going to give her sympathy.”

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