Kanye West Jumps Into Armenia's Swan Lake During Concert, Epic Mayhem Ensues

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Kanye West, for some unknown reason, decided he would jump into Armenia's Swan Lake while performing a free concert on the banks of the lake Sunday, leading to hundreds of concert-goers deciding to follow suit.

The mayhem that ensued was epic and led to police shutting down the concert.

On a trip with wife Kim Kardashian, daughter North West, sister-in-law Khloe Kardashian, and two cousins on a tour of Armenia in search of their ancestral roots, Kanye West arranged a free concert for his Armenian fans.

For the family's final evening in the country, Kanye West held the impromptu concert on the edge of the capital's famous Swan Lake at midnight and was live-streamed on YouTube.

During his performance of "Good Life," Kanye West decided he'd do a swan dive into the water of swan lake — well, not really, he jumped.

"It's a problem," the rapper screamed.

"Can y'all see me over there?" he asked fans on the far side of the lake.

"We're going to do something different, like, like, like we always do," he screamed, before running and jumping into the lake.

What happened next may have even surprised Kanye West. Hundreds of fans decided they would join the rapper in the water. Quickly on their heels came photogs and security, leading to absolute chaos.

Police rescued Kanye West from the mayhem and closed down the concert completely.

Later that night, Kim Kardashian tweeted that she knew nothing of Kanye West's plans to jump into the lake.

Pam Wright