Kandi Burruss Now Has Beef With Phaedra Parks?

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is no stranger to feuds. In fact, every episode focuses on the girls fighting and then trying to make up. And while it looks like the show is split into two camps with NeNe, Phaedra, Porsha on one side and Claudia, Kenya, and Cynthia on the other, one cast member seems to be caught in the middle of it all. Kandi Burruss is not only caught between the other cast members’ feuds, she’s also facing problems of her own. Her musical, A Mother’s Love, failed to take off, and on top of that, she’s also fighting with her mom.

“Mom and I had been arguing a lot at that time, and I just felt that she never accepted any responsibility for being wrong. She always finds a way to make me the bad guy,” Burruss told BravoTV about her feud with her mother. “When she said I've changed and that I'm not there for my family, I was too through!” For Burruss, the reason why she doesn’t visit her mother is because she wants to avoid all the negativity. Because being in the middle of feuding reality TV stars is grueling enough as it is.

In the same interview, Burruss also opened up about Phaedra Parks. Parks thinks that Kandi is siding with Apollo because he is good friends with Kandi’s husband, Todd. “I didn’t even know Phaedra had a problem with me like that,” Burruss said in the interview. “I have argued with Todd defending Phaedra. I have defended Phaedra when Apollo came around talking B.S. to everyone about their relationship. There have been plenty of times that I have taken up for Phaedra. No one can say that I have taken anybody’s side against her.”

Despite the countless times the group attempted to make peace with each other, it looks like the fighting will never stop until they stop talking behind each other’s backs.

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