Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting Breathing Easier These Days

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Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is breathing much easier following her recent surgery. The Big Bang Theory star didn't have a nose job, as many media outlets reported. What she had instead was sinus surgery, and she's already feeling much better since having it.

"I have not been able to breathe since I can remember, so I had to have this sinus surgery, and I had it only two weeks ago," she said, also saying she couldn't stand watching old episodes of Big Bang Theory due to her nasal voice. "Every time I watched it I knew I couldn’t breathe… But now my nose spray days are done. "

She even berated her Wedding Ringer costars, Kevin Hart and Josh Gad, for ignoring her while she was laid up from surgery.

"Neither of you sent me a get-well card!" she said, jokingly.

Kevin Hart threatened to test out her improved nasal passages, asking if she could smell anything yet.

"I can't even breathe through my nose yet!" she laughed.

He started to move his behind closer to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, with the intent of breaking wind.

"I can smell enough! Stop!" Cuoco-Sweeting laughed as Hart got closer.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting recently came under fir for some comments she made about feminism.

"What most people I hope would understand that was a three-and-a-half hour conversation that someone saw two sentences [of] and then saw dot, dot, dot. So there was a lot more said," she said of her recent interview with Redbook. "If I offended anybody, I talk a lot, and I am sorry if I offended anybody. I love being a wife. I think I said [I love] serving my husband, I love to make him dinner, I love being that person and the whole feminist comment there was--again, so much more [was] said."

The actress said her comment about not being a feminist because she already felt equal, but was instead coming from a place of gratitude--not ignorance.

"I had felt that I had been so blessed in life today in my life and in my business that I felt like such an equal for so long and I haven’t felt like I'm trying to [move up]. I feel like I’m there. I feel like I'm powerful and that's where it was coming from," she said.

Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting is no doubt breathing twice as well as before--first off from her recent sinus surgery, and second from airing her thoughts about her misconstrued beliefs.

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