Kaley Cuoco Discusses Her Quickie Marriage

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During Monday's episode of the Late Show With David Letterman, Kaley Cuoco, or should we say Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, opened up about her whirlwind romance and her quickie marriage to Ryan Sweeting.

"We met on a blind date," the Big Bang Theory star recalled. Cuoco explained that they instantly hit it off. "We texted a little bit, dinner was great, and then he moved in the next day."

Cuoco said that she know if may sound strange to some onlookers, but it really wasn't ... it just felt right. "It sounds so slutty, but it wasn't," she said.

Sweeting proposed to Cuoco after only three months of dating. "It all did move quite fast on paper, but we really did know," she said. "I'm totally married," she told David Letterman. "I know you're all thinking, 'She's nuts!' I swear I'm not nuts! We were throwing a New Year's Eve party anyway, and I was like, 'Let's throw a ceremony in the party and not tell anybody.'"

Cuoco confessed that, while she did not want to tell anyone about the ceremony, she actually did slip up more times than not. "It was supposed to be a secret. The problem was, I could not keep my mouth shut. Like, I'd be getting my nails done, and I'd be like, 'Listen, I'm totally getting married in a few months,'" Cuoco admitted. "And then I'd go get my gas pumped, and I'd be telling the attendant, like, 'I'm getting married in a few months, but you're the only one that knows, so don't tell anyone!'"

"There'd be all these articles, and my husband would be like, 'How does everyone know we're getting married?'" Cuoco said. "And I'd be like, 'I do not know. I do not know.'"

Despite their very fast moving relationship, Cuoco and Sweeting are obviously very much in love, and plan on taking a lavish honeymoon sometime in the near future.

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