Kaley Cuoco Cuts Hair for Real This Time

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Kaley Cuoco may have fooled fans by wearing a wig in a flirty bob hair style, but this time the joke is on them. She actually had her real hair cut into a bob--and it looks fabulous on The Big Bang Theory actress. It was at the Kids' Choice Awards that Cuoco pulled one over on all her fans by donning a wig before the awards show. It was apparently that faux bob, however, that inspired the real one.

"The inspiration for Kaley's cut came from us playing around last month," Cuoco's hairstylist, Christine Symonds, said during an interview with Us Weekly. "We played with the option of a 'faux bob' and we all fell in love with it!"

You can check out what the wig looked like via an Instagram photo Kaley posted on her page.

And now check out what the actual hairstyle looks like--also featured on the actress's Instagram page.

She looks beautiful--don't you think?

Kaley Cuoco couldn't cut her hair into an actual bob until The Big Bang Theory wrapped shooting for the season.

"She wrapped on Tuesday night, and we immediately got together Wednesday [April 23] morning," Symonds told Us Weekly. "It was something we had a month to think about and were extremely excited for. As she was sitting in my chair, we were both giddy girls waiting for the outcome."

Symonds cut Cuoco's hair to just underneath her chin, and left it just long enough for her to pull back up into a ponytail.

"I knew she was the perfect candidate due to her hair type and texture to pull off such a chic look," Symonds says, noting that Cuoco was laughing the whole time. "I'm a firm believer that hair should be experimented with—it grows back. With the right style, change is always a good thing."

It seems Kaley's husband Ryan Sweeting likes her new 'do, too.

"Her husband absolutely loved it," Symonds says.

What do you think? Do you like The Big Bang Theory star's hair longer or in her new short bob?

Image via Instagram

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