Kaley Cuoco Gets Bob Cut: For Real This Time


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A few weeks ago, Kaley Cuoco shocked fans when she posted some photos on Instagram that suggested she had cut her hair short.

The first photo showed her with a stylist holding scissors.

Another picture reveled a short hair cut and a third picture showed that she had gone even shorter with a bob.

The photos were believable and everyone assumed that the blonde star had gotten the cut.

She later revealed that the photos were just a prank and that she still had her long hair.

On Wednesday, Cuoco posted another photo of herself in a salon chair. This time her hair was wet and her stylist was cutting it. She later posted more photos that showed off her new bob haircut. These photos clearly show her face and are the real deal.

Cuoco came clean about her fake haircut photos and admitted that the woman holding the scissors in the photos was her makeup artist, not her hair stylist.

"Kaley saw the media reports" about her new "haircut and they were cracking up about it," a source close to Cuoco said.

She posted a photo of herself and her real stylist after her haircut and color were complete.

Meanwhile, Cuoco's fans went crazy after hearing the news. Some loved her new cut and others were sad to see her long blonde locks go.

What do you think of Cuoco's new haircut and did you fall for her haircut prank?

Image via Instagram