Kaitlyn Bristowe Says "Bachelorette" Contestant Ian Was "Nasty"

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Kaitlyn Bristowe gave The Bachelorette fans the scoop on her blog this week, talking about what went down with the contestants and giving teasers about what they can expect to see in next week's episode. Not surprisingly for those who have been watching, Kaitlyn had a few choice words to say about Ian, who made a point to take her to task for not spending enough time with him.

Ian not only physically compared Kaitlyn to his former girlfriends, he also called her shallow, something she says was very hurtful.

"Logically, I knew what being the Bachelorette would entail, but in reality it was tougher navigating the guys' feelings than I ever could have predicted. And I certainly never could have anticipated a guy feeling the need to insult my looks like Ian choose to do. Ouch. And I'm shallow? As a woman – no, as a person – that is hurtful to hear. And completely unnecessary. I understood Ian's frustration; after all I've been in his shoes. But it was a hurtful, unwarranted comment. And this coming from a man who felt the need to explain that he has no trouble getting women to sleep with him back home," Bristowe wrote on her blog. "Honestly, the more I got to know Ian, the more arrogant I realized he was. Yes, he's very intelligent, and I respect his opinions. I also believe in honest and open communication. But the accusatory way in which he confronted me was downright nasty and designed to hurt me. And it did hurt me."

We all know what happens to contestants who let their arrogance show, especially after the Bachelorette had a romantic date with someone else and admitted to feeling sparks fly.

"That night was an ideal hangout for me. Log cabin, bonfire, lanterns, wine and a handsome man. Hearing Shawn talk about his accident made me want to just throw my arms around him, cry and tell him how happy I was that he was there in that moment with me. Watching him let his guard down was the reason I couldn't hold back, and I had to tell him I was falling, too. There was a natural chemistry between us, and it was unlike anything I had felt before," Kaitlyn Bristowe said.

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