Kaitlyn Bristowe: 'Ian Did Enough Damage to Himself,' Hilarious Spoof on 'The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon'

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Kaitlyn Bristowe shed no tears when Ian left The Bachelorette earlier this week. In fact, given his exit interview, most of the show's fans likely waved him off with a rude gesture as he rode away--still muttering--in his town car.

“I’m being punished for being an intellectual,” he said. “They didn’t teach cheesy music quotes at Princeton. I don’t find that women have trouble relating to me because I’m too deep. Seeing how badly Kaitlyn’s been at being The Bachelorette, I feel like I know what it takes to be The Bachelor.”

Fortunately for Kaitlyn Bristowe, there are far better specimens from which she will eventually choose.

Tuesday night on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, two members of The Roots--Questlove and Tariq--re-enacted a scene between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ian prior to his leaving the show. Tariq played the role of Ian. Questlove was Kaitlyn.

Even if you don't watch The Bachelorette, you'll love the scene these two created.

Following their skit, Kaitlyn Bristowe joined Jimmy Fallon and The Roots on stage, where she and Questlove competed for applause from the audience. It's a bit uncertain which one of them garnered more.

Are you a fan of The Bachelorette? What is your take on the scene between Kaitlyn Bristowe and Ian?

Would you prefer to watch the drama rehashed in the deadpan manner that Questlove and Tariq shared with fans on The Tonight Show instead?

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